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  • Timothy Hubbard, MS, MFT-I
    Clinical Therapist

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    I chose this profession mainly because of my upbringing and the environment that I grew up in. I was born and raised through chaos and hardships all throughout my life and I have seen through Marriage and Family therapy how many wonderful people can benefit from therapy in general, especially with couples therapy. Becoming a Licensed Massage therapist also helped me see what adding Psychotherapy to it, helps heal the body holistically that most people haven’t had before, but need to experience.

    My personal background deals with lots of childhood trauma, PTSD, Depression, Multiple forms of abuse, witness to infidelity and its consequences, and how the different schemas and thought processes are encapsulated and formed to lead to our faulty beliefs.

    My clinical experience has been vast since my internship started 5 years ago, working with numerous populations both served and underserved. I have a vast range of clientele and have worked with every population with ages from 3 years to 93 years of age, work with individuals, families, groups, and couples. My current area of expertise is with couples and my approach is a more of combination approach with various therapies that work for that individual or couple. The therapies that I work from most are: Structural family therapy, Solution Focused brief therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Gottman’s couple therapy.

    At this moment, I am welcoming new clients!  I do want to thank you for stopping by; you have just taken an amazing step in the process of seeking therapy and that is truly to be commended. I am excited that you want to help improve your overall well-being. My goal is to help guide you in discovering your own excellent journey of healing.  I will offer you a safe, warm, and welcoming environment that will enable you to freely communicate and express all your thoughts, concerns, and feelings without any judgment or assumptions from me.

    I view therapy as a collaborative partnership that views the client as the expert of their own life, through Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I want to help individuals free themselves from their problem stories and help create new life-affirming stories that will bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.

    I have a strong passion for working with couples and families that are struggling with communication, compassion, learning how to compromise with one another, issues with infidelity, conflict resolution, and intimacy.