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  • Carmynn Bradley, MS, CPC-I
    Clinical Therapist

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    Carmynn Bradley is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor- Intern in the state of Nevada. Carmynn specializes in Parts and Memory therapy and narrative therapy, and incorporates other evidence-based modalities into her work with clients. Some of these modalities are CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and solution-focused therapy.

    Carmynn believes in the power of autonomy, and has extensive training working with trauma. She understands the impact of trauma on her clients’ sense of autonomy and on their voices, and has had success in helping clients tell their stories and see their stories differently.

    While Carmynn uses the DSM-V (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) to diagnose clients, and to guide her treatment plans, Carmynn focuses on providing clients with relief from symptoms, rather than tying them to their diagnoses. Carmynn works with depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, grief, relationship issues, body image issues, non-acute eating disorders, identity issues, chronic pain, ADHD, bipolarity, OCD, trauma disorders (including PTSD), dissociation, sleep issues, paranoid/delusional disorders, and personality disorders (mainly Borderline).

    Carmynn is also a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and reiki practitioner. She uses mindfulness, grounding techniques, embodiment, and meditation in conjunction with psychotherapy to provide her clients with the ultimate healing experience.